Every family is unique.  Every family law case is different.  

We help our clients find the right path to resolving their case.

Is a collaborative approach right for your case?


Collaborative family law practice provides an avenue for parties to cooperate and to find answers that can work better for the entire family.  In a collaborative case, parties work together with attorneys and other professionals to develop creative, fair solutions to the challenges presented by your individual circumstances.  Everything is tailored to your family, and both parties invest in the process.

At the Derr Law Firm, we are experienced in the courtroom and the collaborative setting.  Contact an experienced family law attorney from our team today to learn more about whether collaborative family law can help you find the right answer for your case.


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Christine L. Derr

Find out about Christine Derr's collaborative divorce experience and how she can help you resolve your case.

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Collaborative Practice

Learn more about how a collaborative approach can help you resolve your family law case.

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